Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare


Juara Animal Welfare was started in 2017 and was officially opened in 2018 as a project of JTP, with the aim of controlling the population of stray animals in Juara and prevent problems of in-breeding and to control the spreading of diseases. As villages are generally located adjacent to the rainforest, the control of the population of stray animals is imperative to limit the impact to the local wildlife.


The Issues

Tioman island as a whole is facing an invasive species problem. Cats and dogs are not native to this island, usually introduced either as domestic pets or as stowaways. They hunt wildlife endemic to the island such as birds, bats, snakes, geckos, mouse deers or insects. As they breed at relatively high rate, their numbers rapidly increase as a consequence. As they are not natural predators without natural predators of their own, they quickly deplete the natural wildlife. Cases of cats hunting birds, lizards, snakes and other wildlife are increasingly being reported around the island.


What We Do

Juara Animal Welfare provides an alternative solution for pet owners who leave their animals in public areas or in the jungle by way of abandonment. We provide basic veterinary care and initiate neutering programs for stray and domestic cats around Juara. These are organised in collaboration with the College Mara Banting students in Selangor (Malaysia) and the Pahang Veterinary Department.

There is also a visitor center with information for tourists and people from the community to learn about the importance of keeping the cat population under control as well as how stray animals’ overpopulation can make an impact to the natural ecosystems.

Neutered cats are then offered to be adopted due to the limited capacity of the shelter.

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