Putting a recent nest into the hatchery at JTP





You are welcome to join us anytime you choose, please just contact us first.

The main Turtle Season is from mid-March until the end of October each year, but there are activities and areas to help out all year-round.

average nesting year


We require staying a minimum of 4 nights, to provide enough time for a valuable experience (for you and us!)

However we recommended staying for at least a week if you can,

And it’s also great if you want to volunteer for a month or more!

Download the  JTP Volunteer Information Sheet


P1000150 Jo going back to her tank after having breakfast out

We consider the costs of involvement here to be Physical and Financial.  Look around on the internet, we cost more than most Hostels, but we also cost much less than most Conservation Volunteer programs.  By coming here we are expecting that you want to help out physically and financially.


Standard (summer & turtle nesting season)

(March – November)

Rm 120 per night/ per person

Rm 700 per week/ per person

Rm 2500 per month/ per person


Off Season (monsoon / no nesting turtles)


Rm80 per night/ per person

Rm 500 per week/ per person

Rm 2000 per month/ per person








Trying to rehab a baby turtleIMG_3860






Discounts are available for families, Malaysians, and for long-term volunteers.

Discounted prices do not necessarily apply for groups due to workload, meals, and programming. Please see the Group Program page for group prices!

Your stay includes:

Accommodations on site. Full size breakfast and Lunch. Drinks (coffee, tea, juice). Laundry (do it yourself). Recreation equipment (snorkel, kayak, camping,). Kitchen. Plenty of work to do. Program and guidance. Supplies for projects. Internet WiFi. Cats. Rakes.

(Dinner is not included: you can either cook here or go to town and support a tasty local business)

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers get involved with the project, support the staff, and can do their own activities.

A longer list of activities is on the JTP Volunteer Information Sheet

Also see our Volunteering Photo Album

  • Morning beach walk patrol for nesting
  • Morning boat patrols for nesting
  • Release of any hatchlings *
  • Re-Nesting and new found turtle nests *
  • Keeping JTP ship-shape and ready
  • Day time guiding visitors
  • Day time helping staff if needed
  • Relax & Recreation activities
  • Night beach walk patrol for nesting
  • Night monitor hatchery
  • Collecting new nests for protection *
  • Other activities depend on what is currently going on ..
  • Note:  (*) activities are turtle dependent.


Limits to our program

We cannot guarantee that you will see nesting turtles or hatchlings; it is out of our control. But if there is any turtle activity we will definitely get you involved with it; any nesting, hatchlings, or other events.





DSC00127Rooms are on site here at the Project. We have 3 rooms with 8 beds with 2 western bathrooms each, and 2 rooms with 3 beds with 1 western bathroom each.  There are additional rooms for full-time staff, seasonal staff and interns.

  • Rooms are built with environmental consideration away from the beach, using refurbished wood, etc.
  • Boys and Girls will be put in separate rooms unless requested otherwise.
  • Couples and Families get priority for private rooms.

See our Accommodations Photo Album

Example Occupancy: There are usually two rooms with 2-3 people in them, and one room with a couple staying in it.



It is best to pay in cash while here. Payments and donations may also be transferred by bank.

Credit Umar Adisubroto


More Info:

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Tioman has an ATM, clinic, airport, and small shops.

Contact us for more information


Around November of each year, we start to screen for experienced interns to fill positions such as hatchery manager, volunteer coordinator, gardener, semi-skilled laborer.  This is for the whole nesting season (March until November, 9 months).  We need people that can stay for over 4 months at least, hopefully 6.  Because the stay is so long interns do not need to pay a financial cost while here.  Please email us if you interested.