How to Help!

Mentawak's early mornings

Much bigger than a volunteer program.

How to help with JTP

Get Involved-  Volunteer with JTP.

Donate- Contact us to contribute.

Support- With group, school or business.


Learn and spread information– Archives of reports and research, also great for networking

SWOT Sea Turtle Status– Information about conservation, published magazine

Sea Turtle Conservancy– Turtle biological information and more

WIDECAST Publications– Published reports, advise and education materials


Wish List: support with item or financing

RM 500 Paint, Hardware

RM 500 Petrol for one month boat patrol

RM 1k  Sponsor for making stickers

RM 2k Sponsor for making T shirts

RM 2k New computer

RM 3k Land rent for one month

RM 5k New water pump for turtle tanks

RM 5k New beds for volunteers



Contact the Malaysian government

Please DO NOT be nasty… it will be much more destructive than helpful.  Most likely we will be held responsible for your emails,  So make them good ones! Please try to be encouraging and supportive of conservation, protecting nature and enforcing

Department of Fisheries– At bottom of page you can go to ‘next’ page to find more listings.  These guys could help to make turtle egg collection and sales illegal, could help influence protect beaches (like here in Juara).  All turtles fall under their jurisdiction, Sea and River turtles.

Ministry of Tourism- This is their main office.  There are other options in the contact menu, Tioman is under jurisdiction of Kuantan office, in Pahang State.  Ministry Tourism has huge power in Malaysia, they could really influence protecting the environment, sustainable tourism etc.  But it has to be for real.. (ex) not just a sign on the beach that says Marine Park with no enforcement.

Also on the Tourism page comment at:

Marine Parks-   The MP is responsible for the rules and actions withing the parks.  They could provide support for activity, lighting, and development regulations. They could enforce no fishing (no renting fishing poles), no feeding fish.  They could have staff monitoring snorkel sites and representation in each village etc… to uphold the rules that make a marine park what it is.

Also comment at the MP: