Lost Babies! Sept. ’17

Last night we rescued 99 baby turtles!

The nest was laid naturally and had gone unnoticed for the last 2 months during its incubation period. When the babies hatched they were disoriented by the nearby artificial lights.

This is an example of why reducing visible light on the beach helps baby turtles to go safely to the sea.

We have to say thank you to Juara Mutiara Resort for informing and helping us!! 🐢

Here you can see the baby turtle tracks in the beach sand at night. The babies usually go towards the natural light over the ocean… but if they are near artificial light like these ones, then they will head towards that. In this case the light source was beach resort and chalet lighting.
The babies will usually get as close to the light as possible, in this case right under it! They are not too smart yet and are just following their instincts to go towards the light which is usually out on the  ocean’s horizon.
Thankfully the local resort got in touch with us when they discovered the lost babies, and we were able to find 99 baby Hawksbill Turtles confused on the beach and on the resort property! Thanks for letting us know about them Juara Mutiara Resort!