Jo is Missing..

It is very unfortunate to report that Jo has gone missing.

She was discovered missing on 1st of January when we went to feed her at 9am. Staff member Rahim was the last to see her, the night before at around 11 pm.

We immediately started searching from the beach and jetty, but could only start searching by boat after the third day because of bad monsoon waves, so even if we had been able to get on the water it would have been nearly impossible to see any occurrence of Jo coming up to breathe..

We searched for about 1 week by kayaking and speed boat around Juara Bay. On the 7th day somebody informed us about seeing weirdly behaving turtle by Chebeh, a small island north of Tioman. We went by speed boat and spent the afternoon searching but the weather was not good either and we found nothing.

Then we received another tip that some people fishing had seen a turtle by Renggis Island in front of Berjaya Resort, Tioman. We went by speedboat to search but again found nothing.

So now after almost three weeks we have decided to stop searching.

Jo is bigger and stronger now so maybe predators wont disturb her but she is still incapable of finding her own food.

Very sad news, we will keep updated on any events.