The Season is Over..

We are just waiting for a few more nests to hatch here but the season is pretty much over.  You can still come to volunteer, however please have the correct expectations of no nesting sea turtles or babies hatching!  There are some clean up and maintenance projects (nothing specific right now, we do it day by day!) also helping with awareness turtle talks and taking care of Jo.  So, basically, if you don’t mind being maintenance-free then please still send us an email.. thanks!

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Dolphin Sighting

We just did a quick around-island survey for body pits and nesting beaches on Tioman.  An average amount of nestings were found, there are still nestings on Coral Island and Monkey Bay etc.  Mukut had a bunch this year as well.  On our way we were lucky to have a  good size (from our experiences..) pack of dolphins playing with the turtle boat!  You can hear Rahim and Charlie, but mostly Rahim , in the background..

Photos from October

The season is finishing up now!

Most of the nests did get sponsored so thanks for that.  We had a couple good school groups out here recently, from Republic Poly in Singapore, and Sunway International School in KL.  Great time meeting all of you guys and thanks for the help of course!

Jo’s tank is still under construction.. some recent photos are below, it should be read quite soon.  Thanks again to Jotun who has sent out another set of epoxy-coating to finish the internal painting.  And the Waterco pump is ready to go minus the homemade Bio-Filter..

Dan has gotten his 1 year professional volunteer visa approved and activated!  So we can all see more of him here now.

And here are some photos from the past couple months ..



IMGP1252 Photo 20 smaller

IMGP1239 DSCF443422 DSCF6420 DSCF6410

DSCF5322 DSCF4449 DSCF4445 DSCF2265 DSCF1938 DSCF1904









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