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Read a nice travel blog story about by LocalizeJ about her time here at JTP.

“ Many people ask if we also have little  turtles. The reason we don’t is allready written above. The little  turtles are programmed to go to the light and therefor to go into the sea and to swim for up to a week to go to a saver area for them.
If we would keep them here the natural instinc will fade away. Many projects will keep them because they think that when they are bigger they can take better care for themselfs or the danger or threats are not that big anymore. We think that we should mingle as less as possible in the lives of the turtle so we release them as soon as possible.”

Starting Jo's new tank

Since Jo cannot get permission to leave Tioman to go to a new home, we do have permission to keep her here, so we are starting to build her a nice new and bigger tank! Lots of work.   We have gotten a nice pool filter system provided by WaterCo .  UWCSEA students are also fund raising to help in its construction as well.

We hope to involve as many Juara residents in its construction as we can afford.

We are also looking for information and sponsorship for a Bio Filter system, UV filter system, and Protein Skimmer.  If you have any information or want to help support please contact us!  We can provide you With more information, bank or paypal details.

We also need support for the ‘turtle safe’ Epoxy tank coating, paint, for inside her concrete tank.  We have found a good product made by Jotun Coatings, but have not been able to contact them as of yet.

To help support the new tank please contact us:  or support directly to paypal or bank transfer.

Thanks to Little Planet and the German School of Singapore for their help digging so far!


The new tank hole, street view 



It is almost 2m deep so far


Jo is ready to move, now we’re just waiting for Izzati to finish digging the hole


February Nesting

2nd Nest Mentawak

The second Mentawak nest this year, found right in front of Coconut Grove Resort.  Only last weekend this was the scene of the Tioman Festival ( Tioman Surf Competition ) now its the site of a Hawksbill Nest!


Two guests from Coconut Grove had sponsored a nest here the day before! So now they have switched their sponsorship to this nest and we will be sending them photos once the babies hatch.


They even got the lucky chance to help collect the eggs.


Here’s all the eggs collected, 112 in total. Laid by a Hawksbill Sea Turtle.



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