Some July turtle project action:

(Copy) P1040627

A tourist event for an evening baby turtle release, in front of JTP.


(Copy) P1040655

The mixer crew, cooking up some good cement for Jo’s tank’s final floor.

(Copy) P1040657

Floating the final floor smooth in Jo’s new tank


(Copy) P1040716

The new “this is a nesting beach” sign, near the beginning of Mentawak Beach


(Copy) P1040762

Some boat oil washed up on Juara Beach’s side.

(Copy) P1040785

Picking up the oil before the late morning sun turns it all to liquid again.


(Copy) P1040926

Measuring some fresh tracks at Munjor Beach

(Copy) P1040964

Collecting the eggs, on the same day, from the new nest on Munjor.

(Copy) DSCF7291

Some babies just hatched, we are getting ready to collect, measure and release them.

Some photos from June

Here is a video we made mostly for fun but also for showing some of the staff and volunteers in a place of their choice and picking something to say.  Hope it helps to show about the project to any of you thinking to volunteer or visit!


Here is a recent hatchling release with some students staying with Little Planet, volunteers and tourists staying nearby in Juara,

a newly hatching nest getting paparazzied by attentive volunteers,

a small group watching some babies head out to sea,

and the inspection and measurement of nest #11 as it hatches!


nest9 (2) nest9 nest11

Internal work


With the new interior mesh in place for strength, the next step for Jo’s home is to apply a cement mixture for rendering the interior!


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