Updates for June

There are more nesting turtles than last year, so far we have received as many nests as last year already.  This is great, but you must remember it is unfortunately not the result of any new regulations put in place, or better beach protection, or better marine enforcement.. that is still to come.  We are just glad to know that there are some turtles still out there, and we are protecting their babies in hope of a better/ more survivable,  world for them in the future.

Some interns have arrived from Malaysian University UMT and will be here on placement for two months, then another shift arrives.

Our booking is quite full for July and August but if know what dates you are interested to come you can still ask, maybe you can fit in or we can let you know when is available.

Lots of nest sponsorship’s, this is a great program where we are trying to show a positive income by people ‘paying’ for the nests to be protected, instead of people paying for the eggs to be sold/ eaten.  Hopefully the idea can pass on in the future (if) after we are gone.

Re-nesting in the hatchery
Re-nesting in the hatchery
Late night release
Goodbye to the babies
Turtle release beach party
Thanks for the nest sponsorship
Volunteer_at_JTP (first dr copy
Advertising a new opportunity for Riverview’s guests
A new patrol boat that charlie has been working on

Photos from March to April

Filling up Jo’s Tank!
UWC girls taking a lesson in re-nesting turtle eggs.
Getting the layout from Charles for a new signboard
Izzati hanging out with Dilia from the new Coconut Grove Resort, Juara Tioman
A view from morning beach patrol… a reason to get up for the 6am shift
Volunteer Ingrid painting up new lamp shades for Lagoon, to help keep light off the beach
The new look for the Turtle Boat, still named Will Smith. Red was Izati’s idea..
Yeah! The Juara Primary School for an afternoon program on recycling and being good to the environment, also helping to practice English.
Some of the regulars visiting Kg Mukut for the afternoon.
Kelly and Jos working out some new turtle signs for guests at local resorts
Clearly cooking
Jos and Kelly still working the turtle signs, in the new Lab Space

UWC Project Week

Thanks to the young ladies from UWCSEA who came her for their project week trip.  They left us with an important new information signboard, and helped while here on all sort of activities and projects.  Also joining up with Little Planet for some sea kayak training.

In answer to one of our unfortunately commonly asked questions…











the general sea turtle life cycle…








and why its important not to keep any baby turtles around…











And they cleverly brought us a stuffed tiger, which we can actually use in the banana trees to scare away monkeys!


Thanks girls.  Hope to see you again soon..


Recently a group of Permaculture-ers came through JTP while they were traveling through Malaysia.  The group is primarily from KL and can be contacted for instructive classes and consultation.. or for just gardening interests!

contact Sabina at:

Eats, Shoots & Roots
Growing Communities Through Growing Food
While they were here, a nest was found one morning..
The new, safe, nest was made in the hatchery…
The eggs were carefully put back into the sand…
Now, just like a garden, we wait two months for the seeds to fruit !



In the garden they primarily worked to leave us with some productive new raised garden beds..


Which they did..



And now a couple weeks later, with the new bean sprouts we planted to help give nitrogen to the soil:

SAM_3058   SAM_3059

Thanks guys! see you in KL


LPC UWC Project Week video

VIDEO LINK –   for the recent Project week LPC UWC trip

From March 4 -8, this trip was one of the best ever.   Their trip objective was to learn and then take the information back to their school and teach others.  They made reports, presentations, and our friend from next door made the linked video for them to use as well.  Also great, another of their objectives was to not get in our way!

So they were prepared with their own program and activities, and available to help us as well.


Great trip, to bad it was only 4 nights, hope to see you all out here again soon! And keep us posted on your presentations back at school.


Last years beach protection

We have been getting questions about the beach protection issues from last year.

No protective measures ever put put in place, so the developments have continued and new ones are still clear to move in.

The petition did not suffice as motive for the beach protection.

The new resort closest to JTP did take some consideration with the lighting on their two beachfront towers, by placing the downward facing lights on the street side away from the beach.

Unfortunately, two simultaneous events have created a large amount of light on Mentawak beach at their resort area. One, the clearing of bush along the beach; which is not tooo detrimental on its own.  Second, the Road Dept installed new street lights along the road, also not so bad for beach lighting… on its own.  But now combined there is a lot of light where it used to be dark, looking over from Riverview you can see a staggering difference. 

Shown are some photos from the beach looking up at the new development, granted they are cleaning up now and the wash-out is natural from monsoon.  Their chalet lighting as well is pointed down, so if we can find a way to sort the street lights out (which the resort owners are agreeable with)  then there may not be so much impact..   We will try to get a photo from the night time up as well.