School Groups

Releasing some hatchlings from home beach Mentawak with some sleepy students

Just at the beginning of this month A group from Temasek Polytechnic came out here.  Great people, from the Green Interests club.  Working with students that want to be here makes all the difference.  Anybody can push a bunch of people through a program and activities and never bat an eye, but when the people have an interest in whats going on its always impressive to see the program get tossed as a more natural course takes over.  Students give their input and we have/ there is the space for us to develop projects and program together, no pushing (sometimes.. to get ’em out of bed)

In three days Alice Smith school from KL is arriving with  a large number of students, for a short time.  We’re in a bit of a crunch now to get activities in place, not just activities but something real, that is useful and we need done… and can BE done by a mob of High School kids.  It worked out well last year, this year we’re going with brute garden landscaping (terraces) and digging in a new Hatchery… both quite useful.

Temasek Poly and a fresh nest on their last morning