Beach Lighting Awareness Pack

Turtle friendly lights and info posters.

This is a photo of our beach-front lighting supplies.

The part to this lighting pack that you can’t see.. is that we will go and install the lights for anybody that will let us; including new fixtures, wiring or whatever is needed to make a better situation for the nesting Turtles.

The parts you can see are some low-watt yellow lights and posters.  Yellow lights have a long wave-length (almost like red lights) and Sea Turtles have a hard time seeing it, so its less intrusive for beach front lighting.

One of the posters is for inside beach-front chalets, it says “Lights Off! – save energy and turtles” and then explains how the guest can help be Turtle Friendly.

The other poster is to inform guests, so that they know why their resort is using yellow lights.