Special Update!

Earlier this year, we had an encounter with a very special Green Sea turtle mother in Juara. In July, over the period of almost 3 weeks, she attempted to nest on Mentawak beach but was not able to lay any eggs. JTP then contacted the Fisheries Department of Malaysia and discussed about the possibilities of sending the mother turtle to the turtle facility in Terengganu for a physical examination..

Her initial health report showed that she had pieces of plastic and nets in her intestine. Her cloaca (an opening through which the turtle lays its eggs) was also swelling from the infections that developed within her.

She had spent the last 3 months at the ‘Turtle Hospital’, where she received treatment and rehabilitation.

Just last week, on the 6th of November, along with 2 other rehabilitated juvenile Green Sea turtle, she was released from Rantau Abang beach in to the South China Sea.

We hope to see her in Tioman again, one day. Hopefully nesting on the beach and laying plenty of eggs!  

*A big thank you to staff & volunteers at JTP, who had spent countless hours accompanying the mother turtle on the beach during the wee hours. And to the many individuals who got the chance to meet her too!

Full article here at: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/400919