Kitty cat spay and neuter clinic

So, we have arranged with a vet clinic to come and spay cats here for a few days! If you have been here, or to Asia in general, you probably have experienced A LOT of cats and know what we are dealing with, it never seems to end!

We will be getting the vets here and accommodating them, they will be working for free…  and we are fundraising for anesthetics, painkillers, and additional kitty medications.  So please help out and donate!  Thank you.

Too many cats turn them from being a nice domestic animal into being a pest that people will be angry with and probably mistreat.  Plus they will become mangy messes overrunning the dumpsters, cafes and eating all the local wildlife…  not a good scene..  we’ll try to control the situation before it gets out of hand, with your help please.