Rescue: Baby Hawksbill

We were called by the Bagus Place resort manager to come and attend to a sick young Hawksbill turtle that was found floating near their jetty. The turtle was actually first spotted by some guest who had previously been volunteers here at JTP.

The turtle was floating with a large amount of algae on it, meaning it had been inactive for some time already, often in these cases there is a buoyancy issue with the turtle so they cannot dive for food, and become fatigued and starved.

We referred to turtle care manuals, and to the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia’s Prof Eng Chan, and Ms Pelf for advice.  After feeding the turtle with a squid smoothie and re-hydrating water for almost a week and seeing no improvement in health, we checked again with TCS about the best next step.  We decided it best to release the poor turtle back into deep water about 2k from the shore, where if it survives it will be properly located in the off-shore currents.