Reason for Concern


As a short discussion turned into a 2 hour session with the Year 5 class from Llancarfan Primary School as they decided on the biggest issues faced by sea turtles.

The list they came up with, in order of decided importance, is very well though out and accurate!

  1. Adult female turtles could get caught in fishermen’s nets
  2. Sea pollution – litter/ oil/ sewage
  3. Eggs could be poached by hunters/ turtles could be captured for food
  4. Baby turtles could be eaten by sharks and other sea creatures
  5. People using breeding beaches for holidays or recreation
  6. Turtles could be captured for aquariums
  7. Baby turtles may not hatch due to sickness, or baby turtles may be too weak to make it to the sea.

Here are Juara Turtle Project we try to focus our attention on the human related issues for sea turtles, so this is especially reasons 1,2,3,5,6.  Luckily we do not find that many turtles get captured for aquariums (6), but unfortunately many babies are kept, actually, in the name of conservation!

Natural threats like 4 & 7 can have a large impact on turtles, but since they are due to natural reasons and are part of the natural eco-system, they never actually threatened the survival of the sea turtles species!

Number 1, we have to agree, is probably the most concerning for the turtles, as the large nets used unregulated can have big effects on young and old turtles alike, all around the world!

Thanks for the great work students!

Helping sea turtles!

Here you can see the life cycle of Sea Turtles.  Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Sea Turtles have been alive on Earth for over 100 million years,

but have almost gone extinct in the last 200!032 lifecycle2

Talk with your friends and classmates:

What do you think are some of the big reasons that are dangers for sea turtles??

Here is a photo of some of the baby turtles that we have helped to protect!

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