Jo’s New Home is Now Open!

We started construction for Jo’s new tank this past March 2014, and she just moved in on December 5th 2014.

Jo was born here from the hatchery in 2006, the same year we first got involved with the sea turtle conservation in Juara.  She has shifted homes a few time over the years as she has grown and as JTP has moved around.

Most recently we tried to have her sent to an aquarium to be taken care of for the rest of her life, potentially around another 100 yrs!  Since those plans have not worked out yet, we built this tank to meet her growing needs for space and water depth.

It is beautiful to see her swimming in so many new dimensions, and it is so clear how much all the space is needed for sea turtles to live healthy, and it is really great to see JO spread her fins and swim!

We’d like to offer a big thank you to everyone who has helped make this tank possible, all the volunteers and school groups who worked and dug!  Little Planet and Riverview for their support and physical help, UWCSEA and the Tioman Turtles Global Concerns group for all their fundraising and support over the years, WaterCo for the pump and filtration system, Jotun for the high quality tank coating, and ProTech UV filter systems for the UV filter unit!

Jo Tank Fundraiser

Volunteer team for plastering the outside of Jo’s new home!
UWCSEA students for the Tioman Turtles GC helping to fund-raise for the project!
More fundraising by the UWCSEA Global Concerns students

Here is the next step for Jo’s tank, to render the interior! With volunteer help we have secured this reinforced mesh to the tanks interior, next we will apply a healthy layer of cement mixture to render the inside, as the mesh helps to maintain the tanks strength.
Wish us luck and thanks for all the support!

Progress on Jo’s new tank

Hey GC Tioman Turtles!

I have been hearing that there is some fundraising going on so thanks a lot for the support!

Grade 6 is out here now for their year trip, they are all getting a good view of JO and her new home so maybe some of them can tell you about what they see.

Here are few recent photos of Charlie and Tyler posing with Jo’s new tank.  The block work is now done, ‘all’ that remains is plastering the outside, pouring a draining floor, painting, and of course setting up the filtration systems.


The finished tank will be just a little bit deeper than it is now, as we will soon pour a reinforced cement ring around the top.

As noted before, we have received a generous sponsorship by WaterCo for a pump and filtration system.

We have also just received sponsorship for a great interior coating for the tank, from Jotun Coatings.  Penguard HB is a coating designed for inside drinking water tanks, that’s to make sure there won’t be any chemicals swimming around with Jo in her new home!


Besides volunteers and staff, we hired help from some Juara boys to pour the cement base, and will soon hire a couple of Juara’s finer craftsmen for plastering a smooth surface in the inside.

Thanks again for the support, and please let us know if you have any questions!  Cheers


New Home for JO

Since Jo cannot get permission to leave Tioman to go to a new home, we do have permission to keep her here, so we are starting to build her a nice new and bigger tank! Lots of work.   We have gotten a nice pool filter system provided by WaterCo .  UWCSEA students are also fund raising to help in its construction as well.

We hope to involve as many Juara residents in its construction as we can afford.

We are also looking for information and sponsorship for a Bio Filter system, UV filter system, and Protein Skimmer.  If you have any information or want to help support please contact us!  We can provide you With more information, bank or paypal details.

We also need support for the ‘turtle safe’ Epoxy tank coating, paint, for inside her concrete tank.  We have found a good product made by Jotun Coatings, but have not been able to contact them as of yet.

To help support the new tank please contact us:  or support directly to paypal or bank transfer.

Thanks to Little Planet and the German School of Singapore for their help digging so far!

The new tank hole, street view 


It is almost 2m deep so far
Jo is ready to move, now we’re just waiting for Izzati to finish digging the hole